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At VigilEASE we try to match project specifics with relevant equipment in order to deliver to you a solution with outstanding performance at a reasonable price. 
A central component in a high-performance CCTV system is the camera. The three types of cameras that VigilEASE uses are Color cameras, Black&White cameras, and Special Application cameras. All different types of cameras share common characteristics that help differentiate among the thousands of models and manufacturers. Some of the most important aspects to be considered in a camera selection are color vs. B&W, resolution, lens type, durability, and special features as backlight compensation, covert, etc.

Color Cameras

Color cameras are the most popular type that often becomes part of every modern video surveillance system. The choice of color cameras that we handle provides a solution for a variety of projects, from ones that require simple wall-mount color cameras, to latest technology dome pan/tilt/zoom equipment.

Monochrome or Black&White Cameras

Black and white cameras are as popular as the color ones. The image generated by B&W cameras is not as rich in features as the color image however the monochrome cameras often offer significantly higher resolution than the color ones. For this reason monochrome cameras are preferred in applications where detail is much more important than color. Additionally, B&W cameras are often more cost efficient than color cameras. 

Special Application Cameras

Special application cameras are the most diverse group of cameras that we carry. These are cameras manufactured for a particular application and thus are better suited for projects that can not be served by the conventional B&W and Color equipment. Some of the different types of special cameras we offer are covert, vandal-resistant, day/night, pan/tilt/zoom, super-high resolution, wireless, built into intercom system entry-panels, and many other.

  • Covert

Covert cameras are adapted for applications that require high level of unobtrusiveness and confidentiality. They are the perfect solution in cases of insider problems caused by tenants in your building, employees, or neighbors. Our most popular models are motion detector camera and smoke detector camera. 

  • Vandal Resistant

Vandal resistant cameras are engineered to fit into high-violence areas. Many of our vandal resistant models feature 18AWG stainless steel hosing with lexan window. Different models have smooth oval shapes, hard to vandalize or are manufactured for mounting in hard to reach corners. 

  • Day/Night

Day/Night cameras are ideal for projects that have high light amplitudes or need constant observation (e.g. parking lots, back alleys). Day/Night cameras are able to generate a color image during day-type light conditions and monochrome image at night or when artificial light is absent. 

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)

This type of specialty cameras is most suitable for places monitored by security staff. One of their distinctive features is the ability to be controlled remotely by a special device or computer. PTZ cameras are usually mounted in domes and as their name suggests can be moved around and zoomed to provide better coverage or detail. Another convenient characteristic is their ability to be programmed to follow certain path and/or zoom at important places.

  • Wireless

The next biggest technological boom in the building surveillance industry is the wireless technology. Currently there are many wireless systems that are available through VigilEASE. Some of the benefits that a wireless camera can bring to you are the saving from wiring, flexibility, and mobility. However, there are still a few obstacles preventing wireless systems to become widely accepted in the professional surveillance application-- the need for power (still necessitates some cabling) and interference issues that strongly degrades the quality of signal.