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Digital Video Surveillance:


Digital video surveillance systems are the latest industry innovation that brings not only significant improvement in video quality, but also provides higher level of accessibility and flexibility. Among some of the major characteristics that elevate digital components much higher that their analog counterparts are

  • EASE OF USE: Our digital recorders feature familiar, user-friendly controls that feel and look similar to the traditional VCR's. 

  • CONNECTIVITY: Many of the Digital Video Recorders (DVR) can be incorporated into a network and operated from a computer via Ethernet or Internet.

  • IMAGE QUALITY: DVRs support superior image resolution than the analog ones and boast sharper and more detailed picture, along with features like Digital Zoom. 

  • STORAGE CAPACITY: Equipped with Hard Drive devices DVRs can store much more information than the conventional analog tape recorders--a few months vs. a few hours. Additionally, some of our recorders can maximize their recording capacity by allowing for "motion-only" recording. 

  • SEARCH SPEED: Instant search by date and time, camera, alarm or motion event, even in a predefined fraction of the picture.

  • LOW MAINTENANCE: No tapes change, rotation, storing, or head cleaning. No tape jams or wearing out.

  • MINIMUM HARDWARE: Digital systems can combine recorder, multiplexer, and/or switching device all in one unit, thus saving space and increasing reliability.