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Multi-Family Applications


The majority of our solutions are specifically targeted towards the multi-family markets. Introducing a video surveillance system in your condo, apartment building, or building complex easily provides you with a peace of mind and increases the security of tenants.

A large variety of products can find application in entryways (back light compensation cameras for better image), elevators (vandal-resistant and covert), hallways, parking lots, play areas, etc.

Our digital systems can be used for monitoring of multiple buildings over the Internet from a central location. With such an approach you save thousands of dollars from personnel or security company fees.

Wireless surveillance can be an alternative if your buildings are in close proximity and there is a line of sight. A wireless system offers great savings from cabling and much flexibility with location.

So, leave behind all issues with car theft, vandalism, propped doors, illegal trash dumping, and consider the value of a reliable, affordable, and professional video surveillance system.

  • Apartment buildings

  • Condominiums

  • Parking lots

  • Playgrounds

  • Elevators

  • Building complexes

  • Assisted living complexes



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