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Portable Systems

Products by industry leaders, such as Sony, GE, and Honeywell, combined into one compact portable solution. A convenient way to monitor temporary construction projects, new vandalism issues in your neighborhood, or monitor a different location at a different time without investing into complete surveillance system. Click here for more details. (This will open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Special Applications Equipment

Among the variety of conventional digital and analog equipment that VigilEASE utilizes in projects, there is a special place for systems that serve unusual applications. Some of the more unusual projects that fall outside the scope of the ordinary are ones that require

  • Wireless connection between cameras and recording equipment or among different buildings
  • Internet accessibility with different levels of security
  • Mobile surveillance equipment for school busses, yachts and other
  • Integration of CCTV with access control systems
  • Distribution of surveillance signal over the cable TV network
  • Other

All these solutions find application in different types of projects varying form single family housing, through vehicles, to multi-family apartment complexes and industrial buildings. VigilEASE has a set of already developed solutions to many of these requirements, however our engineers are constantly involved in developing more and new integrated systems as a response to requests from customers.